Wednesday, July 23, 2014

android kitkat xperia play/neol

Nova versao lançada, instalaçao como na versao anterior já aqui no blog em baixo.

Nightly build 20140718 - cm-11.0

Últimas mudanças cm11:
  •      HAL poder Atualizado & freqüências fixas
  •      Partição Atualizado procedimento de montagem (pode reduzir o tempo de inicialização de comprimento)
  •      Removido alguns codecs ffmpeg usar equivalentes do Google
  •      Adicionado 5MB de memória RAM para SF pilha (reduz RAM livre por 5MB)
  •      O aumento da MM CMA pilha até 48MB para corrigir possíveis problemas com vídeo codificador /   decodificador
  •      Desativado KSM no kernel, já que é incompatível com as últimas alterações CMA
  •      Interface boostpulse no smartassV2 (nunca funcionou)
  •      Trebuchet borrado nos ícones fixos / superdimensionadas após 4.4.3 arranjado
  •      Característica swype habilitado CWM
  •      Supressão em chamada de ruído desactivado


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Update 2014

As you all know i still dont have my xperia play...a user donated one to me but never arrived to my home..its returning to USA for that user..its the postoffice we have in Portugal..a big shitt i may at the moment i cant update or make anything for xperia stucked.My xperia play have the flex broken,display and touchscreen wich is expensive to fix here in to all users that like my work for xperia 2011 devices if you want to donate your old xperia 2011 phone to me i will continue developing for you free as i always did.

xperia arc/s/play/neol/neov/ray ..but if was a xperia play..awsome.

thanks to all, smokerman RC @XDA DEVELOPERS.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coloros LITE 2.0 android 4.2.2

So this is a beautiful rom, with many features and also themes choice..good performance, great battery life and great features as MI pop , gives you OSB on anywhere of the screen you ram is average 300-350. In this LITE version i ve changed keyboard, its debloated almost fully, i ve replaced some chinese apps that we dont use, updated GPS hosts to Europe to improve signal, i ve implemented sound tweaks and some audio libs ported from xperia phones and a few other tweaks to improve performance and battery life wich is very good..dont forget that is a WIP so some bugs may appear..if so report here please and give any suggestions you have to improve the rom. This is my version wich is a bit different from original rom, so use at your own risk and read carefully my installation guide below and dont forget: always backup your current rom.

This download is only for i-9100 users!!! GALAXY S2 ONLY!


OPTIONAL: flash apolo 5.1 TWRP kernel:
or Apolo regular 5.1 CWM kernel:
 install apolo configurator JB from playstore.


Monday, July 7, 2014

SOKP-MS-02 kitkat rom

So this is one of the great kitkat roms for S2 and S3 that i ve tried..great look,many features, great performance and user friendly..still needs more work but ready for daily usage and without problems.
I have to tell you that i felt a little battery drain on this last version but stay tunned for next releases that i m sure will be better and better. SOKP team developers are doing amazing.

- flash this recovery if coming from JB:
-flash this to wipe all in 1 touch:
flash rom for s2:
flash gapps:

for s3/s4/note2 and other devices click here:

OPTIONAL: theme: