Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A great looking rom, with nice features and unique cybershot for xperia play.
thanks to @Alvin Satrio Wibowo and other themers from NEOL development.

2. Flash recommended kernel ICS for xperia play 720p:
a)for neoL flash this kernel:
3. Go to recovery mode
4. Do full wipe (Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data and System)
5. Install Beats My Stock REBORN
6. Instal fix camera (flash only for neoL users)
7. Reboot to system and complete the setup wizard
8. Go back to recovery mode
9. Install
Superuser flashable
10. Reboot to system
11. Enjoy your new ROM


Superuser flashable:

480p camera fix:

flashable build prop for xperia play:


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