Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2014 PHONES

First of all, i d like to say that the big brands like Sony, Samsung, Apple or others are overrated.
Why? In my experience and testing many devices and roms, i feel more wise about you all know i came from Xperia phones and Samsung Galaxy, so nothing against that brands, what im saying is that you can buy a nice phone, with a good price and with better specifications, with a lower price.

This year i have bought/ users offered to me for developing purposes:

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 NEO- worst battery of all, old design,you can buy better at same price.
  • ALCATEL IDOL 2- good performance/battery/design
  • HONGMI 1S-best for the price in all aspects for his size, below 5".
  • XPERIA ARC S- outdated already but a very good second option.
  • BQ AQUARIS 5.7-best on this size category with an amazing 4000mAh battery.
and i have tested DOOGEE DG2014 and INEW V3 but for a few days so i cant say too much, but i say this: good phones with nice specifications and overall good performance at cheap price.

So im gonna help you to choose a phone, what you need to know?

-display 1280x720 HD is important if you use your phone for multimedia
problem:  battery lasts less than a 960x854 display, wich is a bit worst but battery saver like Alcatel IDOL2 and xperia arc S.
-ram at least 1GB, if you play a lot or have many apps, its better 2GB but for a normal user, with calls, messages, wifi, data, internet , photos and videos 1GB its enough, even 512MB in some cases.
-battery at least 2500mAh if you have a HD screen, if not 2000mAh its good.
example: S3 NEO gives 1 day of full usage, ALCATEL IDOL2 gives almost 2 days with same usage, i ve tested it, so im sure what i m talking about. why lasts longer? display not HD, better rom management, and almost 0 bloatware on Alcatel IDOL2.
-cpu quadcore snapdragon is better but a quadcore mediatek can have the same performance and its more battery friendly..MTK 6582 and UP doesnt have GPS issues, i ve tested it also.
-storage at least 8GB for apps, with 4GB maybe enough in same cases, we can change sizes, learn how here on my blog, i small tutorial soon. less that 4GB no way, dont buy it if it still exists. :)

If you need some advices to buy a new phone in 2015 you can follow my blog, give your comments and questions, im trying to make a partnership with some stores for chinese models/others and with luck maybe i can test more phones and give better opinions next year on my blog and also on my youtube channel with more detailed reviews and testing.

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