Thursday, March 19, 2015

1 year, thanks to all bloggers

So im asking to put your phone there. Many users are following me since xperia 2011 devices, but from there untill now i m supporting many others. So please vote in the poll and tell me wich is your phone.

The reason? i want to know if i split the blog in other only exclusive for XPERIA PLAY / NEOL and keep this one only for other models.

1-Do you all agree? it seems a good idea?
2-Whats your language? you prefer to see my posts and videos in english or should i change it to Portuguese or Spanish?

Most of my bloggers are from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, India and Indonesia.

So many thanks to all and lets grow our community, here and in my youtube channel with more videos with tips about battery life, best apps and more..

Leave your opinion and suggestions and criticize, always good to hear your opinion.

thank you ALL. smokerman RC @xda developers aka Sérgio Pereira.

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