5 QUESTION AND ANSWERS MyPhone Agua Rio,MicromaxA120 C2C,Explay Fresh ,QMobile i9,BLU Studio 5.0 C HD

Many users dont know what s WIKO BASE KITKAT or how to flash a custom rom, root or flash a custom recovery..so if you have one of this phones you now will understand it.Its easy and simple.

All of our files work on this phones, you just need to read this:

1-why i must backup my IMEI? its VERY important cause this phones are from different areas and continents,so DO IT!

2-what do i need to flash? flash our WIKO RAINBOW kitkat and root and recovery.

3-how i do that and install a custom rom? easy, see my tutorial here and in youtube.

4-why? well because its better for your phones, makes it better, faster and with superb battery life and wiko rainbow developers are the best. :)

5-i dont know really nothing about root, recovery or anything! dont worry, we are here to help, just ask, all works 100% and you gonna be amazed.

see the video here with all files and tutorials you need to have and know.